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"Life is not the way it's supposed to be,
it's the way it is. The way you cope with it
makes the difference."
-Virginia Satir

We Help You Cope When Life Changes

Life events that effect our 
mental and emotional health:​​​​

*Family Relocation Due to Military PCS Orders
*Beginning or Ending A Romantic Relationship
*Losing a Parent, Child, or Spouse
*Going Away To College
*Getting Married or Divorced
*Starting A New Job
*Becoming A Parent
*Starting Middle School or High School
*Caring For A Sick Parent or Spouse

​Whether your life changing situation is predictable or
unexpected it may cause you to feel overwhelmed, insecure, discouraged, and afraid.  At Carolina Counseling Consultants we collaborate with clients to identify the root cause of their unhealthy reaction to stress, we teach them new ways to manage difficult situations, and help them stop the damaging ways they experience, express, or suppress their feelings.  We empower them to develop the strength they need to face challenges, and gain the self-confidence they desire to take control of their own life.

Purpose Driven Counseling Services

 We are passionate about our purpose to serve and support youth, women, couples, and families in South Carolina. You do not have to be diagnosed with a Mental Illness to participate in counseling.  Counseling is a confidential process designed to help you address your most personal worries and fears.  It involves a relationship between you and a licensed professional who has the passion and willingness to understand you, listen without judgement, and empower you to no longer suffer in silence.  During our counseling process you will be given the tools you need to access your strengths, overcome your fears, and build your resilience to adapt in the face of adversity.  This process will give you the confidence you need to begin creating positive change in your life.  Beginning the counseling journey is a big step that takes courage.   Allow one of our Counselors to help support you through some of life's most difficult moments.